Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Your Life For One Billion Dollars?

I love hypothetical questions, so here's one that made me really think, and then made me thankful:

One billion dollars is a lot of money. Enough to buy any darn thing you want, travel or live anywhere you desire and to be whoever you want to be. It's enough money to fund exactly the kind of life you want. What would YOU do for a billion dollars?

What if someone offered you that money in exchange for your life? Your whole life. Hold on now- that means everything. Every item you own from your car to your house to your photographs. Your job. All your friends and family. Even your memories, skills, and experiences that you've accumulated throughout your life. You'd get one billion and your memory would be wiped and you'd be placed in a random city. But you're a billionaire and you could start over from scratch.

Think about it. That's a LOT of money. But it's a high price.

If your answer is "No Way!", that you would never trade your life for that or any amount of money, then you should think about that for a moment. That means that what you currently have is worth more than a billion dollars. That's right, in essence you are already a billionaire. Pretty cool eh?

If you would seriously consider making the trade, perhaps you're still young and unattached, or perhaps you're missing out on making the kind of connections or having the kind of experiences that provide true value to one's life.

What about you? Would you trade your life for One Billion Dollars??

Friday, May 8, 2009

Introducing: The FREE Crohn's Tips E-Guide!

Those of you familiar with my blog will likely have seen my series of posts with tips for coping with Crohn's Disease. The tips are divided into the main areas of your life: physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. I have now aggregated and improved these posts into a single PDF document, and I'm publishing this as an e-guide (like an e-book but shorter), free for the whole world! You can download it, print it, read it, and share it.

When I was first diagnosed, I went searching for a book or anything really to help me with coping with crohn's disease, but I found that most of the books and resources are focused on the medical issues. What is IBD, what are the surgeries, drugs, and tests like. I haven't found much regarding tips for just living day to day with this disease. Now, with a little help from some fellow bloggers I've put together a 15 page booklet with these kinds of tips. I will be revising and updating the document, so if you want to share it, please share this link so that people will always get the latest version.

Share and enjoy! And please, let me know what you think!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009