Thursday, June 29, 2017

On Bodies, Scars, Pregnancy & Positivity

This post is in response to an Anonymous comment left on my Pregnancy and Crohn's Disease blog post from a reader who is planning a first pregnancy and concerned about the physical challenges. This is my reply:

First, I think it's wonderful that you are getting the green-light to try for a baby! Extra wonderful after a struggle with Crohn's Disease!

I'm not sure why your doctor is concerned about tearing not healing... do you have issues with wound healing? Anyway, I always err on the side of trusting my doctor, since I'm not an expert. I had caesarean-sections myself. Not due to my Crohn's but due to my babies all being breech. I loved my c-sections. They were calm and quick procedures. Healing took a while, but it just meant no carrying anything heavier than my baby, and it was a bit of a trick to sit-up in bed. Pain when coughing. But it only lasted a few weeks.

(Most light exercise is ok when pregnant if you check with your doctor. I liked to go for walks myself.)

My c-section scar is below the waist band of a pair of bikini panties. So, no one would ever see it. It has faded quite a lot in the year since my last baby. Although I'm sure it will always be there.

Along with my resection surgery scars, my belly is a bit of a patchwork as well. But... I don't feel less beautiful because of them. They are my battle scars. They are a story of my life, my challenges and triumphs. I would not be ashamed to wear a two-piece bathing suit because of my scars- anyone thinking negatively about me because of them, is a reflection on that person. Who are these people judging our bodies? We are our own worst critics by far. Now, at 37, I have more important things to worry about than a flawless body - and bigger sources of joy than getting eyeballed for my looks.