Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A New Lease on Life

It has now been about four months since my surgery. For new readers- I had about 30 cm of badly damaged terminal ileum removed back in February. A week later I had an obstruction and was back in the hospital but it resolved itself. All in all I had about 3 weeks of hospital time and 5 weeks total off work. So, inquiring minds want to know... how am I doing now?

Fan-frickin-tastic that's how! I am totally off of all Crohn's related medications, pain free, and nearly diarrhea free. The best part is... (drum roll)... I can eat almost anything I want! It's like being freed from 7 years of prison. I went through about 2 months of eating all the junky crap I thought I was missing. I'm now over that phase, and discovering all the healthy stuff like fruit, juice, fresh veggies, whole grains, cheese, salad, yogurt, etc. It's awesome!! I find that un-healthy foods leave me feeling kind of sick and blah.

My boyfriend and I are working on eating healthier and getting more exercise. I find that I now have more energy; whether it's because of my healthier eating habits or the fact that intestinal inflammation is no longer sapping my energy, I don't know. Maybe both. We are having a competition each month to see who can go up the 8 flights of stairs to our apartment the most times. Nothing like a little healthy competition!

Over all I feel like I have a whole new me. A new lease on life. Sadly, I realize that this likely won't last forever. IBD could return in a few months or a few years. I'm just hoping to make the most of this- and bank up as many cancer-fighting foods, and awesome experiences as possible in the meantime. Starting with a cruise this summer, and learning to roller-blade. I also hope that if and when it comes back, I can catch it earlier this time.

Overall, my post surgical resection experience has been a fantastic one. Here's hoping it lasts as long as possible!