Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Starting A New Married Life

Last Saturday something awesome happened. I got married! We had a beautiful day full of love and friendship, and I married the man of my dreams. DH is fun, handsome, smart, creative and amazingly supportive. He stood by me during my bad flare up that happened last year and was by my side through surgery and hospitalization. He takes some of the stress out of having Crohn's Disease by joking about it with me and making up teasing puns based on digestive terms. Having the right person in your life can make all the difference.

My life is slowly evolving and I am trying to move from a goal and to-do list obsessed busy person, toward pursuing a life style and outlook that is healthier and happier. I am kicking off a long term adventure of learning how to garden, since our new house has a lot of gardens and lawn, and I love working outside. I am also moving a little bit (baby steps) toward Minimalism and trying to simplify my possessions, obligations and tasks.

Hopefully children are in my future and we are looking forward to experiencing our house when the weather warms up - opening the windows and enjoying our sun-room and pool. Now if only the weather would co-operate. It's at the freezing mark today.

On the IBD front, I have an appointment next week with my GI to get the results of my colonoscopy. I've been having some pains so I am looking forward to getting some answers.