Sunday, July 5, 2009

Busyness and Life

I imagine that fellow blogger Alicia found herself in much the same situation that I currently do. My life is at a critical crossroads- I'm feeling well enough that I don't need the therapeutic effects of writing this blog, and I'm juggling a ton of exciting personal and professional projects as well as a lively family life and a growing relationship. I find that I need to start giving the most important of these things priority in my life. My time, my energy and my attention. A day long trip to the beach with family (along with a business related talk with my brother) reminded me of what is really important- what I really want in my life. A family and the opportunity to grow my professional projects into something successful.

I tend to be a bit like a kid in a candy store. Every interesting thing that comes my way- I jump on board sampling a little here and a little there until I have a mountain of hobbies, activities and projects. Jack of all trades and master of none. Which is why I've been in a process of streamlining. Cutting out the things that provide the least reward for the most energy expended. Among the things on the cutting floor will be, I think, my poor guinea pig. A fun, small pet who has become a bit nippy due to the fact that I don't have time to give her the attention she deserves. I think I will be putting her up for adoption soon.

Also cut is this blog. Don't worry readers- I won't be taking this blog down or abandoning it all together as I still enjoy writing here. But it does mean that my posts will be less frequent. No fluffy updates on daily life- I will try to just write when I have something meaningful to add on the topic of Crohn's Disease. I'm not gone- just less frequent.

My advice is underlined here: remember that browsing the web can give you a skewed feeling of how bad this or any disease is. Those of us who are feeling good, have less of a tendency to post online. It also means hope for you- nothing is permanent- including suffering!

Thank you for reading and commenting- and please continue to follow this blog because I will continue to write from time to time. Meanwhile- don't forget that my Free Crohn's Tips E-Guide is available for download.

Thank you and best wishes!
~Bright Side