Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas From Bright Side

I try to keep this blog slanted toward a positive outlook, and try to give encouragement and hope to my readers. So let me share a little of my copious Christmas spirit with you today.

Christmas is my favourite holiday. By far. I love spending time with my family and friends. I love the lights and the music. I love the traditions like decorating the tree, putting up the Christmas village, and making chestnuts. Over all of these heart warming events is the general feeling that fills the people throughout the city. People give generously to fundraisers and charities. They wish you a Happy Holidays with genuine feeling. They smile more. There's a hint of what humanity could be, if we could figure out how to carry this good will in our hearts the whole year through.

I like giving gifts to people. I put a lot of thought into the gifts, and wrap them carefully. I'm always so excited to watch someone open a gift that I picked out. I also try to carry a few extra $5 bills in my wallet for the various charity collections around. Giving is just fun.

During the holidays I like to sit back sometimes and just become a quiet observer during the Christmas drama: the debates, arguments, jokes and laughter. While I sit quietly watching the whirlwind around me I remember how thankful I am to have such a supportive family. This year, I have an extra reason to be thankful. Just a few months ago I was in an agony of pain. I had just learned I have Crohn's Disease and was going through a surgery, a course of dreaded Prednisone, and more pain than I have ever experienced. But today, I'm feeling great. I can feel deep inside that things are still not 'right', but my pain is gone, my surgery wound is closed, and I can physically live my life as I choose. See, there is always hope!

Life is fleeting. For those with a chronic illness, we also know that periods of feeling well can also be fleeting. This fact only makes them more valuable, and underscores the need to make the most of what we are capable of doing right now. I know many of my readers are in pain at this very moment; but do you feel well enough to sit carefully on the couch and visit with family? Can you snuggle up with a hot-water-bottle and a loved one and watch a Christmas movie? Even if it is limited- the things that you can do now are precious and worth being thankful for.

The Holiday Season is exactly what you make it. So, this Christmas, I challenge you to ignore the materialism and stay in your budget, avoid family drama and just enjoy the presence of those you love. Remember your blessings, share what you can, and hug the most crotchety person in the room. Make your Christmas this year, the best one yet.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to You! Thank you for reading!

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