Monday, June 8, 2009

Bloggers Be Aware of Wellsphere & HealthBlogger Network

I recently received a comment to my blog inviting me to syndicate my blog through WellSphere (Health Blogger Network) - a website which offer health and wellness information which from what I can tell is mostly made up of other people's blog posts.

I completed the first step but then decided to do some digging. I found some disturbing articles such as:


And so, I decided NOT to syndicate my blog on Wellsphere. I don't agree with these kinds of practises. Each of my fellow bloggers will have to review Wellsphere for themselves, all I have to say is- search engines are your friend. Research any offer that seems too good to be true.

Hmm. I guess they weren't counting on one of their automated invites to land on the blog of an Internet-savvy IT professional. Online advertisements are cheap and easy to set up and if you have a website full of content with high traffic you can make a bundle of money. If you don't have to create that content yourself- it's almost pure profit minus hosting and bandwidth costs which are minimal. Luckily info about practises like this tends to get out and is easy to find.

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