Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Update From The Hospital

With 2000 calories of nutrition being pumped into my uber IV plus being able to eat soups, jello, juice, Boost drinks, pudding, jello, ginger ale, broth, jello, and ice cream I think the weight is going to start coming back on quickly. I'm feeling much, much better. My doctor plans on trying to schedule my surgery for this weekend!!! Eep! Not sure whether I should keep my laptop at the hospital - it might get stolen. But just in case, I wanted to post a quick update. Thanks for all the well wishes guys!! :)


  1. Do you get to eat Jello at all? HAHA!! You know what they say, there is always room for Jello. Hang in there. You are doing GREAT!!! Prayers are going up. HUGS!!!!

  2. Thanks guys! So sick of Jello!! Surgery is scheduled for Monday!! Eep!