Monday, September 10, 2012

Don't Give Up

Ask for HELP.
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Before I start writing about what's going on in my life on the IBD front, and providing some helpful information about Crohn's Disease and such... I have a feeling that some Readers out there might need a pep talk.

Don't give up. There, I said it. Three little words. You're reading and you're thinking "Whatever, you don't know my situation." Don't give up. There is always something to fight for. There is always a reason to go on. Stay determined with your doctor visits and treatments. Something might work one day, and remission will come. "What if it doesn't?" True, you might struggle with this for a long time. But there is a reason to go on in your life. Think! A child maybe or a spouse? A close sibling or a good friend who makes you laugh? A treasured hobby or a fantastic adventure in a good book. Learning something new, or creating something yourself? Think hard, you can find your reason somewhere.

There is someone out there who needs you. You mean the world to someone out there. Maybe someone you already know. Maybe you haven't met them yet. Maybe there is a charity out there who needs your skills, knowledge or time to help others. Maybe there is a puppy at the shelter who needs a home. Keep your mind open.

Don't give up. Giving up takes away all your options. All your chances. If you keep fighting, then you still have a chance. Happiness won't drop in your lap, you have to fight for it and search it out.

You can do it. "Oh sure, easy to say, harder to do." Well I've hit bottom and I know what's it's like to look at your life and ask, 'is this it?' You can do it. Ask for help. Write an email, make a call, sent a text message. Ask someone you trust to hold your hand and help you keep hoping. Reach out, and help someone else.

Suicide Prevention Hotlines

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