Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Changes To Following This Blog

In their endless evolution of services, Google (aka Blogger) have changed a feature that I've used for a while on this blog - Google Friend Connect is being discontinued. This means that the widget in the sidebar which shows followers and allows readers to click and follow the blog will no longer work when it is discontinued very soon.

So, to try to stay available to readers and get new posts out to those who are interested, there are now two new ways to follow this blog. Down there on the sidebar you'll see a box to subscribe by email address via FeedBurner (email addresses are covered by Google's privacy policy) and a box to subscribe to the RSS feed using your favourite feed reader (use 'Atom' for the general feed URL).

For convenience, the feed url for blog posts is:


Thank you for reading, more excellent posts are coming soon!

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