Friday, September 27, 2013

Where Has The Time Gone?

For my regular readers, you might be wondering where the heck I've been? I always told myself I wouldn't be one of those IBD bloggers who disappear when they feel well, and start posting again only when they flare up. I don't want this blog to be about the negative times.

Well, I apologize dear reader, I don't have a good excuse other than... bam! Motherhood is busy! Ok, ok, all kidding aside, a number of factors have been keeping me occupied. Indeed my 1 and a half year old super cool little guy is keeping my on my toes. My web development business I operate from a home office is also keeping my hopping - that's a good thing!

Also... and here's the big news: I'm once again pregnant and expecting my second baby in March! So... everything is a whirlwind these days.

However, I still have a lot to write about, including more information about Crohn's Disease and pregnancy, children and more. So please stay tuned, there are more informative posts coming soon!

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