Friday, September 5, 2014

Ostomy Infographic

I'll admit, having Crohn's Disease, one of my biggest fears is ending up with an ostomy. Lucky for Christopher Wilson of Finnegan Medical Supply who contacted me last week through this blog with an info graphic they are promoting about ostomies - it struck a nerve. Actually I found this very helpful...
If you know someone with an ostomy, have wondered about them or like me, feared them here is a write up by Mr. Wilson and the infographic he shared:

When talking about Crohn’s and other forms of inflammatory bowel disease, one topic that comes up a lot is ostomies. After all, by some estimates [Article @], up to 75 percent of Crohn’s sufferers will undergo surgery at some point, either out of medical necessity or to improve their quality of life. So, conversations about the two go hand in hand.

In recent days, ostomates have been in the news quite a bit: We’ve had bodybuilder ostomates [Article @] on the Today show, bikini model ostomates [Article @] in People magazine, and the #GetYourBellyOut campaign [Article @] covering the web. It’s a pretty exciting time for ostomy advocates. There’s never been a better time to raise awareness of IBD than right now. 

So, it’s with that spirit of advocacy and raising awareness, that I’m sharing this infographic [Article @]. It was created by Finnegan Medical Supply, and it explains the subject of ostomies in a creative and fun way. I hope you like it, too.

Christopher Wilson


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