Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mission: Gain Weight

My current mission, which is proving to be a challenge is to gain weight back to my normal old 128 pounds. I'm currently hovering around 116/117 pounds. I've been eating 3 big meals per day and tons of snacks. But I'm fighting against a freakishly high metabolism that runs in my family. Who knew that blessing would end up being a curse!

I'm packing on the carbs - bread, pasta and rice to help gain weight, and eating lots of protein to help aid in my wound healing process. But it's just not cutting it. I'm almost wondering what more I can do. Plus trying to eat at least some non-fiber rich vegetables each day. Luckily eating the foods I am currently eating does not cause me any discomfort, but it is hard to eat when stool is leaking out of a hole in your abdomen. Like some cartoon character that gets stabbed with a sword then drinks some water and it squirts out the hole. Ok, not exactly like that, but you get the idea. It's horrifying. Luckily that has improved greatly in the last week, so I'm trying to eat even more. But really, when your diet is limited to rather bland foods, it's quite challenging. I haven't put on any weight in 2 weeks. Not good. I'm going to have to ratchet it up a notch. Time to boil even more pasta... sure wish I could stomach fatty foods- I'd love something deep fried right about now. No such luck.


  1. I'm LOLing at the cartoon comparison. Can your poor, bedraggled system handle any dairy? If it can, it helps to add a lot of cream and cheese to soups when you want to gain weight. Yum!

    My other favorite weight gain strategy is sitting on my butt and waiting for it to expand.

  2. Nope, no dairy for me, but glasses of soy milk are helping me to add extra protein and calories.

    Oh yes, the sit on the butt strategy is my favourite. I'm so glad I bought an Xbox360 last weekend!


    Just a little update to this post. I have a relative who's a personal trainer. He tells me that when your body is working on healing a wound or injury of any kind, it uses much more energy and requires many more calories than usual. So, according to him, the fact that I'm maintaining my weight is a very good sign, and that actually gaining will be easier once I'm healed up. Interesting.