Monday, March 30, 2009

Donation Challenge !!

I've once again got the donation bug after listening to some great audio webcasts at Everyday Health about the research being done and upcomming treatments for Crohn's Disease. It's so exciting to hear about the work being done to help people like us and the potential for further breakthroughs.

So, I'm issuing a DONATION CHALLENGE to everyone reading this. Here's how it works.
  1. Someone (like you!) makes a new donation to either the CCFC (Canada) or CCFA(America). Whatever amount you want, small or large it doesn't matter.

  2. Let me know about your donation via my charitable site ( or via a comment here. (Let me know if you are ok with me posting your name/donation on, or I will just post it as Anonymous).

  3. Here's the kicker: for the first 10 people who do so... I will match your donation with a donation of my own to CCFC. A donation of $10 for each person (for the first 10 people). So your donation is even bigger!
So, let's help out with the great research being done by the Crohn's and Colitis Foundations. Even a tiny amount makes a difference. You can easily donate online on the foundations' websites or off-line via donation forms they provide.

Request to my fellow bloggers: please help spread the word about my initiative by mentioning this post on your own blogs. Thanks!


  1. Wow. I am not having luck with my little fund raiser attempts.

  2. Bright Side,

    Would it be very crass of me to join our fundraising efforts? I haven't posted this yet only because I have hit-up almost everyone I know for donations because I am walking in the "Take Steps" for Crohn's and Colitis walk through the CCFA in May and they have donated through my personal "walk" site. Would it be possible for me to put a reminder of my fundraising site on my page (which all goes to the CCFA) and then to indicate their donation amount on your page? If you don't feel comfortable, I completely understand!!! Just a thought! Either way, I will put up your donation info on my page. Thank you for all you're doing! I would donate again, but Matt and I already reached our limit with the walk we're doing (and I better be able to do this walk after the surgery!!) !! ;-(

  3. Kathryn, I would LOVE that! My fundraiser page is not meant to be just for my efforts alone!

    The fundraiser page is here: is my website, created to aggregate the charitable efforts of various people I know. The CCF fundraiser page is for sure open to anyone to use as a way to encourage people. Email if you have questions.

  4. Oh and yeah, they can use the donation update form to be added to my page. No problem. That will add to my little progress bar. Yippee! ;)

  5. Did you manage to get the CCFA to create a personalized donation page for you? I tried to get the CCFC to do that for me but they said they would charge me. (Oh wait, you're talking about the walk-a-thon page I think they create for people... or something?)

    I wanted them to make me a generic donation page like I've seen they did for others... but it wasn't free to do so. *shrug* I'm rambling now. Don't get a web developer going on about websites! ;)

  6. Excellent! I'll do this today!! (Hopefully! Sometimes my best intentions are ruined when I get home and am tired!) My page is just one of those walker pages, nothing special - everyone who walks gets one - so it's nothing they created particularly for me.