Wednesday, March 25, 2009


For the last few days I've been feeling ghosts of pains which I was hoping was due to a recent re-start of my working out. But today I noticed myself holding my side and I nearly broke out into tears. I'm terrified of my Crohn's getting bad again. I know I'm not in remission but I was hoping the 5ASA would hold it at bay for a while. I know I'm over reacting to what amounts to a twinge, but it's hard not to be afraid when you're reminded of your time-bomb when you hear it ticking.

Come to think of it I have been pretty stressed for a few weeks. *sigh* well that's not helping. At least I know what to start with. And I have an apt with Dr. GI Friday.

Saw this on Kathryn's Blog:


  1. How often do you see the GI?

    I have an appt. with mine on Monday and it's been five months since I saw him last.

  2. I see the GI about once every two months. My Crohn's is currently active though managed and he is monitoring my meds and test results.

  3. Bright Side,
    So sorry to hear you are feeling bad again. Maybe it's a combo of stress and working out?? Try to to panic just yet and let me know what Dr. GI says. Hope you don't have to wait 3 hours to see him like I do!! :) HUGS!!!