Sunday, May 30, 2010

Foods That Fight Diarrhea

Since diarrhea is a big part of having Crohn's Disease, I get a lot of traffic to this blog from people looking for foods that are ok for IBD, and specifically combat diarrhea. This information is all over the web but I thought I would reproduce it here.

The BRATTY Diet - Foods That Fight Diarrhea

Bananas - Healthy and rich in soluble fiber.
Rice - Plain cooked rice helps soothe the digestive system. Also acts as a bulking agent.
Applesauce - Make it without the peel. Unsweetened is best.
Toast - Easier to digest than bread. Helps neutralize stomach acid. Try eating it plain.
Tea - Green tea is best. Unsweetened decaf.
Yogurt - Plain yogurt is the best for this. It also helps replenish healthy gut bacteria.

And there you have it. Foods rich in soluble fiber are generally a good bet. I have also found Cream of Wheat to be a good option when my stomach is troubled. Also switching to rice milk rather than dairy can also help. Keep in mind you don't want to eat only these foods for a long period of time - you will not be getting proper nutrition.

Anyone have foods that they have found helpful?


  1. i eat mushed up avocado on rye toast, and/or oatmeal daily when throughput gets runny :) avocado, rye, whole oats and bran are really high in soluble fiber content, which is easier than insoluble fiber to get through a crohnsie system.

    i have a lot of trouble with most fruits, so i stick to cooked applesauce and squash on the fruit/veggie end.

  2. Generally breakfast foods: toast, cereal (healthy stuff - nothing sugary) with skim milk, and eggs.

    I'm having a flare-up, and going on a work conference tomorrow, so am hoping I can find some of these things to soothe the tum! (A whole week of eating out is churning my stomach as we, type.)

  3. i think you are right
    the food u have mentioned is actually good for colitis patients
    some food like sweet lime pineapple are not good for at least my body.. cant say about others. i have colitis for 6 years and i am almost living a normal life with little ups and downs

  4. is there anyone who has got complete cure of this disease with anything medication or alternate medication or diet harsh

  5. Hi Anonymous,

    I'm sorry to say that there is no cure yet for Crohn's or Colitis. However there are a lot of treatments that can help the symptoms and the processes (inflammation etc). The best bet is to talk to your doctor.

    Good Luck!

  6. Your readers may be interested in a book that was recommended to me for The Gutsy Girl. It is THE CROHN'S & COLITIS DIET GUIDE by Dr. A. Hillary Steinhart, MD and
    Julie Cepo, RD. He is (yes, Hillary is male) the head of gastroenterology at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto and she is a dietician who works with IBD patients there. The book was published in 2008 and the first 90 pp. cover IBD and the next 100 is recipes with specific suggestions re. fiber, reducing gas, adding more B12 and potassium to the diet, low residue diets etc. etc. Regarding your question on foods that help fight diarrhea, they suggest--in addition to your suggestions-- smooth nut butters, tapioca, unleavened bread products and foods containing gelatin, like jello and marshmallows. They also give tips to help other gut-related matters, like rinsing canned beans, and that yes, you may be able to eat tomatoes if you skin and seed them. All in all, very specific suggestions based on years of research and feedback from their patients. Hope this helps.

    Now, re. Gutsy's flare, I have two words for it:
    "chocolate cake", as in homemade birthday. She knows what I'm talk'in about. MONG

  7. i think what you've neglected to say is that there is NO set diet for anyone with IBD/IBS/crohns/colitis etc. what you are supposed to do is keep either a physical or mental journal of those foods which you can and cannot tolerate. everyone really is different and any dr will tell you that, what upsets one persons insides may be ok for another.

    when you're having an uproar its best to avoid foods which require your body to do a lot of work, so low res is the best way to go and you are supposed to avoid all dairy products as a general rule of thumb. yogurt and bananas are 2 things you should avoid. if you want to try to eat fruit its best to eat canned fruit only and drain them completely. bread and rice will bind you but potatoes can upset people if not made properly. if you enjoy sushi its ok to eat it, but careful not to get anything fried.

    avoid ANY and all roughage, leafy greens, veggies unless they are cooked and fruit of any kind. dont drink alcohol or any other type of acidic beverage and when you start feeling a little bit better dont be a rush to eat, slowly introduce new food groups and see how your body can tolerate it.

    crohns disease is an uphill battle, what you put in your system and how you conduct your life has a lot to do with the way you will feel.. realize that your body requires special attention and dont try to be like everyone else because you are the only person who will have to pay for it in the long run.

    its manageable and it doesnt need to take over your life.



  8. Thanks for posting ML,

    If you read more of my blog, you'll notice that one of my # 1 tips is to keep a food and symptom journal. You are absolutely right - different foods will affect everyone differently.

  9. Does black licorice help?