Sunday, November 30, 2008

Scheduled Group Online Crohn-ies Chat

Hello everyone!

*** Calling All Crohn's Sufferers! ***

After being disappointed to learn that my local CCFC chapter does fund raising meetings, but not support meetings, and since I've recently 'met' several other Crohn's bloggers who all have their own unique experiences but are all supportive and awesome people, I've decided to organize a scheduled online chat, open to people with Crohn's Disease or who know someone with Crohn's. The chat will be at a scheduled time and will be through a website with a chat room set up. It will be invitation only though, so we don't have the general public stumbling in. I would like to create a positive and supportive event where we can all share stories, provide encouragement and answer each-other's questions.

I'm hoping that we will have these periodically if all goes well, so even if the date/time of the first one isn't convenient for you, there will be other chances. If you're interested in receiving an invite (a link / password), please send me your email address by emailing me (brightsideblogger at gmail). Tell me a little bit about who you are (are you a fellow Crohnie or do you know someone with Crohn's?). I will collect the email addresses of interested people and will send out the info once it's set up. I'll post the date and time here once it's decided on, and I've received enough interested people.

Please note, that family-friendly language is to be used at all times and I will ask that people stay on topic, and do not post advertisements in the chat. There is a certain diet that claims to "cure Crohn's", this is not scientifically proven and linking to sites about this diet or "pushing" this diet during the chat will not be tolerated. I'm hoping to create a friendly and safe atmosphere where we can share our experiences. Thank you for understanding.

Again- if you're interested in being notified about the location when it happens, please email me.


  1. I am going through heck twice a month for about a week. Nightime diarreah (organge and foamy) morning nausea and severer fatigue as a result. could I have crhones?

  2. I watch my diet very closely. but for example I had two pieces of pizza on thurs. and I am still down and out after two great weeks.

  3. are my symptoms consistent with chrons?

  4. Hi Anonymous, I'm not a doctor and can't diagnose symptoms. You will need to make an appointment with a doctor and have several tests done before you can be diagnosed. Good luck!