Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wound Healed (ish) !!!!

Today, the nurse discharged me from the home-care agency. My wound has healed over (woo!) though it is still tender and sore, at least it's now dry and light pink.

*dances a jig* WOO! YEAH!

I'm happy to reach this little milestone, it gives me more freedom to take care of myself and not have to be home on a given day waiting for the nurse. Not to mention the joy of being able to shower daily now! Yeah! Though a small part of me (ok, a big part) is going to miss my nurse, and is a little scared to no longer have someone looking out for me on a weekly basis and answering my questions. It was reassuring to have someone who I could turn to if I had a worry. Now I'm left with having to phone Dr. GI and get his receptionist, leave my question with her, then wait sometimes more than a day for a response. Bah! Oh well. Time to be brave!

I'm going to continue checking my temperature, weight, pain level and the look of the wound on a weekly basis- my little collection of medical papers and journal has become quite an interesting duo-tang of Crohn's-y goodness. *laughs*

Anyway, I want to tell my fellow Crohn's sufferers out there- don't lose hope! And take the small victories when you can get 'em!

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  1. Yea for you!!! You are healing and that is awesome!!! Hang in there cause it will only keep getting better.